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Published: 2022-07-26 18:11:53

Global Process Standardisation - How Communication Supports this Roadmap


Presented by Linde Penn, GPO P2P, DHL, at the GPO Summit 2017, London. 

A truly international company, DHL Express has a complex landscape of financial tools including several ERP’s, sometimes in multiple versions. With a presence in every country in the world, the roadmap to bring standardisation of the P2P processes across the globe and introduce touchless invoice processing through E-billing and auto-matching of invoices is an interesting journey.

Communication and alignment among all the different departments and regions sits at the backbone of driving these changes. Clear communication and sharing successes of best-in-class entities within DHL inspires to continuously improve processes. Linde Penn, DHL Express PTP Global Process Owner will share how they have achieved 80%-90% process alignment in their largest entities, their next steps on the roadmap and how communication has been the enabler of this truly global project.