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GBS: From Least Cost Operator to Value Creator


Shared Services and Global Business Services started out with an efficiency promise of centralization, simplification, standardization and automation. Competing and sometimes co-operating with outsourced providers, many started with a ‘Lift & Shift’ of regional capabilities into one or many central service locations. Next came the optimization wave. Productivity benchmarks have improved year on year.

Yet we are faced with new challenges, the need for our businesses to compete on consumer intimacy and convenience, the drive to personalization, the digital transformation imperative.
All of this is posing a core question for Shared Services and Global Business Services leaders. How do we move from least cost operator to value creator?

We are presented with the glittering prizes of some very sophisticated and promising technologies from cloud ERP suites, niche process automation applications, robotic process automation, Artificial Intelligence and more. We are also confronted with choices on new operating models, driving global process ownership, delivering new services and more… The options are many, but systematic successes are few.

Steve Fox, former Vice President Global Business Services at Thermo Fisher Scientific joins Dan French, Founder and CEO of Consider Solutions, in conversation to share his journey on the road to value creation, and will discuss both his challenges and successes. Steve's experiences of the alternative strategies to drive GBS success offers some great insights into how to make the step-change that so many of us are looking for.

Register for this webinar to join a compelling discussion about the Thermo Fisher Scientific Journey, and taking a look at the current state of affairs and what’s next on the journey and roadmap.

There will be a Q&A at the end of the session.

If you are unable to join the live webcast, please register as normal and you will receive a copy of the recording post-event.