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3 Ways Automating O2C is Helping Companies Through the COVID Crisis

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Sarah Fane
Head of Research, sharedserviceslink

In the current climate, collections teams are crucial to keeping companies open-for-business.

We have a few helpful webinars coming up for Order to Cash professionals

On May 6th we will be looking at how Core Health and Fitness implemented Esker and how they transformed their Order-to-Cash process.

On May 13th we will be looking at how Hewlett-Packard Enterprise are working to safeguard working capital with effective order to cash processing.


Here are 3 ways automating has helped them and how it can help your organization.

1. Digitizing the O2C process is enabling companies stay in business during lockdown or shelter-at-home orders with remote access and digital invoicing. Companies reliant on sending paper invoices in order to get paid are feeling the pain more than others and are having to adapt rapidly.

2. Automation improves cash flow and helps your team be proactive. Especially when resources might be limited, and getting cash in the door is crucial, automating reminders and chasing emails can help your team focus on the important calls to make.

3. Give the business accurate forecasts and improve cash flow. If your team is constantly chasing for payments, forecasts are more like guesses. In these uncertain times, a more efficient and effective O2C team with dashboards can give accurate information about financials to navigate uncertain times. AI powered tools can also now analyze customer and invoice data and support accurate cash forecasting.


For more insights on how to empower your order to cash team, register for these webinars from Core Health and Fitness and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


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