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Harvard Business Review report: How to recession-proof your sales

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Viveka Alvestrand
Digital Marketing Manager

Anyone who’s been watching the news recently will have seen the reports from the turbulent trading floors around the world.

The experts are talking about the possibility of an imminent recession.

Are you well enough prepared to ride out the storm when it hits?

How would a recession affect T&E budgets in your business? Are there smarter ways you could allocate funds that will allow your staff to maintain sales while, at the same time, avoiding unnecessary spend?

Drawing upon insights from various industries, this Harvard Business Review report outlines ways in which you can prepare and then act quickly and cleverly to weather market fluctuations.

Download it now and get one step ahead of your competitors! You’ll also gain:

• Insights from across the travel industry into problems faced by finance teams
• Strategic and practical advice that business leaders like you can use to improve business outcomes for your organization.

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