Hitting the Global Goal for AR Technology

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Sally Hardcastle
Sep 22, 2020

For multinational companies, the ability to implement and use one technology across all their offices is vital – standardised processes save time, money and effort.

However, finding a global solution is not always straightforward. Language barriers and cultural differences can make it hard to find a one-size-fits-all solution.

This was one of the challenges facing Trek Bicycle's AR Department. Their collections process was heavily manual, resulting in a lack of consistency and a costly, time-consuming process. Then, in 2017 they began the roll-out of a collections management solution designed to standardise global operations.

Download this quick case study to discover how:

  • Trek Bicycle significantly reduced both their DSO and past-due %
  • They have increased productivity and visibility - freeing up staff for more value-adding tasks
  • Their processes are now standardised globally across 18 offices, in 14 different languages

If you are struggling with a global technology solution, download this case study.

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