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Published: 2022-07-26 18:27:46

A Tax Engine Not Right For You? Think Again!


Most of us know the basic premise of a bolt-on tax engine, and some of you may have assessed its suitability for your company in the past. However, the usage for tax engines is expanding, with these being used in new and innovative ways.

This presentation covers:

  • The basics around how a tax engine works and the various ways a tax engine can be deployed for your organisation

  • How to leverage a tax engine for offline validation of your VAT calculations, without the need for IT involvement / integration

  • How to deploy a tax engine in an integrated way to calculate VAT in your procurement systems, for your e-commerce platform or for your ERP

Delivered by Fiona O'Brien, Technical Account Manager, VERTEX CONSULTING, at the TaxTech Summit 2018

Presentation Slides: