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Published: 2022-07-26 18:11:57

Finance Core - A Powerful Engine to Drive Process Excellence


Presented by Emilia Adamowicz, Head of Finance Core Performance and Continuous Improvement, Novartis, at the GPO Summit 2017, London. 

Over the last couple of years the financial reporting and accounting (FRA) Global Process Ownership at Novartis has transformed. From being purely process design oriented (process definitions, performance framework) the GPOs stepped up a gear, facilitating exciting results. The new speed was achieved through enablers like interactive end-user online trainings on processes and systems, global work instructions and the use of Lean Six Sigma methodology.

This presentation examines how the GPO Team has:

  • Designed and launched Finance Core as a backbone of FRA process excellence and high performance
  • Mapped and documented local deviations for 210 SOP using Nimbus to baseline and track progress of
  • process convergence to Finance Core
  • Introduced standardised performance framework and KPIs across FRA processes visualized through a KPI
  • Dashboard (Qlickview), enabling internal benchmarking month by month
  • Established process communities across the globe to facilitate the embedding of Finance Core identity into
  • local organisations
  • Moved finance to being high-performance and having a continuous improvement mind-set