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Published: 2022-07-26 18:13:12

How GPOs Move Design, to Implementation, to Results


Best Practice No. 3: Have Power Over Implementation

The GPO’s framework can significantly impact KPIs and results. This panel looked at how GPOs move process improvement from theory to application, examining constructs where the GPO just has influence, and others where they have real power. 

We discussed:

  • Different GPO models 
  • How best to encourage project resource to prioritize your needs
  • How to better define your role and responsibilities to avoid work duplication 
  • What the ideal global process model would look like
  • What happens when functions in the end-to-end process sit elsewhere (e.g. procurement & sourcing), and what can be set up to facilitate better communication
  • What would make executing the GPO role easier, and what do you really need from the company

Panelists at The North American Global Process Owner Summit 2018, Chicago:
Chris Partin, Global Process Owner O2C, Eaton Corporation
Dean Unrue, Global Process Leader Order to Cash, Aptiv & Delphi Technologies
Charlie Lee, Global Process Owner P2P, BP

Download the full presentation here: