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Published: 2022-07-26 18:13:20

How Structuring the GPO Role Supports Your RPA Drive


Best Practice No. 7: Strategically Plan for and Use RPA 

According to a sharedserviceslink study, RPA adoption is looking to hit over 55% by Fall 2018. No technology has been so swiftly adopted by the shared services market, However, some GPOs and observers say that the pilots and starter programs with single digit robots are relatively easy to manage. It’s when companies ‘scale up’ that the issues start emerging. This session looks at how a GPO can get ready for scale, including:

  • What is required to take RPA to the next level?
  • What organizations are doing to deploy multiple robots and integrate RPA with their wider transformation program?
  • Learn about RPA strategy, centres of excellence, and use cases - that show that whilst scaling RPA may be complex, it is achievable

Delivered by Dean Unrue, Global Process Leader Order to Cash, Aptiv & Delphi Technologies, at The North American Global Process Owner Summit 2018, Chicago.

Download the full presentation here: