Published: Dec 13, 2022

How Will Digital Transformation Enable “Next Generation Shared Services"?


In the past decade, the evolution of shared services has been a rollercoaster ride – offshoring, outsourcing, GBS and, more recently, remote working. The pandemic has forced shared services leaders to re-think their strategies and provided them the opportunity to redesign their operations.

For Moustapha Ould Ibn Mogdad, GBFS – OTC Canada at BMS, positive customer experience is a critical requirement for next-gen shared services. He has accelerated the adoption of new technologies by utilising all the data available and is successfully leveraging this technology to drive increased customer value. 

Find out:

  • The challenges during the pandemic and the solutions found, including impact mitigation strategies shared by the GPOs
  • How Moustapha has prioritised and leveraged digital technologies to create frictionless, simple and rewarding customer experiences
  • How Moustapha is leveraging HighRadius’ Freeda technology to accelerate the transition to next-gen shared services through the use of chatbots and AI


Moustapha Ould Ibn Mogdad, GBFS – OTC Canada, BMS
Yash Divakar, Director of Solution Engineering, HIGHRADIUS
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