Published: Dec 13, 2022

Less About Reducing FTEs, More About Capacity Creation


“Unlocking Value” is a phrase at the front of the minds of most forward-thinking shared services leaders. It takes some lateral thinking and a great deal of ‘disrupting’ to locate pockets of value in the business and to absorb/transform processes through the shared services model. In 2017, Theresa Wilson-Szokalo joined National Grid’s shared services as a business transformation lead. The organisation, which employs 500 FTEs globally, was established in 2006 and for 12 years partnered with TCS outsourcing to service lines including Finance, HR, Property, and now Strategy. Theresa, driven by the mandate of ‘unlocking value’ and supported by Accenture, set up an engineering capability within the shared services function to give National Grid’s front-line teams – the engineers – access to market leading engineering support capability. The impact of National Grid’s new support capability is game-changing for BPO in the utilities sector.

This session will reveal:

  • How the ‘Unlocking Value’ strategy was developed
  • How the shared services – and Theresa herself – have developed their understanding of ‘engineering’
  • How a data and automation layer was designed and built to support the engineering capability
  • How engineering activity has been brought into the scope of the shared services model
  • How National Grid partnered with Accenture
  • How KPIs have been restructured and what the performance uplift looks like
  • How shared services is now using Reverse SLAs within the new engineering capability
Theresa Wilson-Szokalo, Head of Business Services Development,  NATIONAL GRID
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