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Published: 2022-07-26 18:13:40

Leveraging the GPO in a Multi-ERP Organisation


GPOs often come into being because the company is implementing an ERP. GPOs also often work exclusively within the scope of one ERP. This session looks at how £2.6bn company Intertek operates off a complex ERP landscape, and how the GPOs have been able to secure 'marginal gains' given these challenging conditions. In this session, Tom Dunlop will examine:

  • The ERP landscape, and the increased scope of Peoplesoft
  • How the GPO team is organised and focused
  • Limitations and challenges, and how they are overcome
  • Projects driving success, including Master Data

Delivered by Tom Dunlop, Head of Transformation Projects, INTERTEK, at The Global Process Owners' Summit 2018, London.

Presentation Slides: