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Published: 2022-07-26 18:12:50

Opening Address: RPA and its Impact on Shared Services Target Operating Models (TOMs)


Digitisation is shaking up our shared services world. RPA adoption is now above 40%, with just under half of all European shared services piloting or implementing robots across their business processes. This adoption is exciting, and is creating a sense of urgency in the industry to seek out activities and processes which can be swiftly robotized. This event embraces this energy, and also examines the broader implications of RPA in shared services. In this opening address we will examine the wider impact of RPA on a shared services vision and strategy, culture, talent programmes, wider technology deployments, relationship with outsourcers, service delivery and geographical foot print.  

Delivered by Susie West, CEO, sharedserviceslink, at The European Shared Services Leaders' Summit 2018, London.

Download the full presentation here: