Published: Dec 13, 2022

Operate, Optimise, Transform – Creating Enterprise Value through Classic and Non-Classic End-to-End Processes


Four years on from its inception in 2016, Smith & Nephew’s 1350 FTE-strong GBS services the business with finance, IT, procurement and more. With the aim to expand into enterprise value, the GBS now reports into the COO instead of the CFO, is more tightly aligned with the customer services operation, and is devoting attention to delivering true end-to-end – not just in the classic H2R, O2C, R2R and S2S, but in other areas like Fixed Assets, Acquire to Retire, M&A, Assess to Acquire, Planning to Inventory, and Forecast to Delivery.

In this session, Phil Priest, SVP GBS, will share:

  • How they are putting their end-to-end vision into action 
  • How they are breaking away from the classic servant/master dynamic
  • What enterprise value looks like
  • How they are using technology to radically change parts of the processes. In T&E alone, they have managed to save 8,000 hours of time for the sales team with the introduction of an AI tool from AppZen that approves all T&E spend, not only freeing up staff, but also identifying non-compliance
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