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Published: 2022-07-26 18:12:48

Setting the Bar High – Achieving Operational Excellence at Bridgestone


Bridgestone chose Costa Rica as the location to set up their SSC in 2012 and this now serves 6 countries in LATAM and North America with 300 FTEs. Two years ago, they embarked on implementing an operational excellence methodology, using the principles of Lean Six Sigma, and delivering excellence with people, process and automation. Hear from Rodrigo Cal, the Shared Services Director at Bridgestone, about: 

  • The scope of their operational excellence program, key objectives and SLAs to support this 
  • How involving the customer increased process compliance and customer satisfaction
  • Driving resource efficiency through a ‘Flexstaffing’ model
  • The beginnings of the RPA journey - going through the PoC stage, and how 15 processes were selected for automation

Delivered by Rodrigo Cal, Shared Services Director, BRIDGESTONE at The LATAM Shared Services Digital Summit 2018

Download the full presentation here: