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Published: 2022-07-26 18:13:29

Using Cloud, AI and the Network Effect to Improve Process


ISS Facility Services are at the beginning of their shared services, outsourcing and GPO journey. Henk Grol joined ISS Facility Services in 2017 as the Director Procurement Excellence and is responsible for setting out the Procurement Excellence 2020 Strategy, which is focusing on: increasing Right First Time; moving PO compliance from 14% to 95% in 18 months; reducing the time from Req and PO; and driving their €100 million of spend under management. Coupa has played a key part in the strategy. This presentation covers:

  • Harmonising procurement, AP and O2C to focus on the same goal
  • How the GPOs were fundamental to the programme, and how Henk has worked with them
  • The ‘go live’ of their Coupa implementation, and onboarding of suppliers
  • How AI embedded in the tool is translating to hard dollar savings.
  • Successes in e-invoicing
  • What’s next – where in Procurement will RPA feature?


Delivered by Henk Grol, Director Procurement Excellence, ISS Facility Services, at The Global Process Owner Summit 2018, London. 


Presentation Slides: