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e-Invoicing 2015: by-the-numbers

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Editor Coda
Mar 3, 2015

E-invoicing adoption is up. Analyst Billentis recently published data that revealed the following trends:

  • 17% –  increase in electronic invoice volume in Europe in the B2B/B2G/G2B (Government to business) space in 2015
  • 12% – increase in electronic invoicing volume in Europe in the B2C segment
  • 20% – expected increase in volume of transactions processed by the network providers in the B2B/B2G/G2B space
  • 4.6 billion – the expected number of B2B invoices transacted electronically in 2015 in Europe
  • 2.7 billion – the expected number of B2C invoices transacted electronically in 2015 in Europe
  • 25 – the number of network providers that will process more than 20 million invoices each
  • 68%  of the 210 networks analyzed by Billentis were profitable
  • 2.8 billion – Billentis' forecast number for the North American B2B space
  • 4 billion – the estimated B2C volume in North America
  • 25% – the higher end of the forecast for growth in e-invoices in Mexico
  • 11 billion – number of invoices processed in Brazil  (with continued moderate growth in 2015)

This is solid growth, but the global adoption rate suggests we are still far from the much awaited ‘tipping point’ where e-invoicing has become the ‘norm’.

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