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O2C 7 Reasons AR Automation MUST be Top of the Agenda for Controllers

Controller are expected to be proactive value adders-driving automation and leading the way in governance, risk and future strategy. Since AR is key to the financial health of a company, it makes sense for a Controller to focus on helping improve their processes. Yet this is not always the case...

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P2P Mastering Supplier Onboarding at GSK

Read this dynamic guide - E-Invoicing: Mastering Supplier Onboarding - for GSK's 7 top tips and lessons learned from their supplier onboarding journey, and strategies for how to get procurement engaged.

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P2P Deutsche Bahn Invoicing: Transparent, Digital and Fully Integrated

Each year, the AP team at Deutsche Bahn was manually processing approx. 12M invoices from around 100K suppliers. With a lack of visibility, disjointed processes and up to 30% of invoices with no PO reference, the AP department was in constant “fire-fighter” mode.

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Training 25 min Video Training: What IS Shared Services?

Unlock the mystery of shared services with our 25-minute video guide. Dive into its origin, the pre-shared services era, and the pivotal Eureka moment. Uncover the 5 pillars of shared services and its unique "secret sauce". Trace the typical journey, see real-world stats, and refine your grasp.

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Shared Services Lead or Be Left Behind: How to Digitize Your Finance Department

While digitization has been a priority for finance leaders in recent years, there is still a significant amount of untapped potential. Read this fantastic guide and discover how forward thinking can ensure successful digital transformation.

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O2C Cash App Tool = Productivity Game Changer for The Chefs' Warehouse

A cost rationalization exercise in the treasury department at The Chefs' Warehouse highlighted banking fees as a major business financial burden. VP of Finance, Nelson Lopes, realized this was a perfect opportunity to shake up their Receivables process. Read the Case Study Now.

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Shared Services Optimizing Payment Process: 5 Key Elements to Tackle

CFOs need to be very clear about what payment optimization means in practice and what implementing a new payment process will mean for their organization. The focus should be squarely on consolidating and optimizing cash flow. Read this E-Book to find out the 5 key elements to tackle.

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O2C 5 Reasons Why Automation is Always a Good Investment

It’s natural to want to batten down the hatches and cut non-essential spending in times like these. Read this guide to discover 5 key reasons why it makes sense to invest in process technology despite inflation volatility.

90% Auto-allocation of Cash Transactions at Medtronic

O2C 90% Auto-allocation of Cash Transactions at Medtronic

In 2019, $30 BN medical devices giant Medtronic embarked on a global finance optimization program. The aim? To have a best-in-class finance team. For Accounts Receivable this meant a complete transformation of its cash application process across 250 entities in four regions.

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P2P e-Invoicing 80% Touchless Invoicing in 2 Years at Upfield

Upfield spun off from Unilever in 2018. At that time, 100% of AP invoices were paper-based. 24 months later, a staggering 75% of Upfield’s 8,000 suppliers were invoicing the company electronically. Read the 80% Touchless Invoicing in 2 Years at Upfield CASE STUDY.

P2P, Shared Services Survey: Finance Transformation: What’s Working, What’s Not

What makes finance automation and transformations successful and what makes them fail?

P2P GSK's 6 Tips for Successful E-Invoicing

P2P Global Process Owner Greg Liebe is excited about his e-invoicing progress. Throughout this journey, Greg and his team have been incredibly successful, but that doesn’t mean they got it right the first time around. Read this Case Study for Greg's 6 Tips for successful e-invoicing.

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Shared Services The Future of Work Playbook

For over 50 tried and tested insights from leading industry voices across orchestration, AI, recruitment, digital transformation and automation, download this Future of Work Playbook.

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P2P SAPInsider: 3 Tips to Reduce Payment Fraud

SAP Insider: 3 Tips to Reduce Payment Fraud

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P2P e-Invoicing Guide to Choosing the Right E-invoicing Provider

What questions should you ask e-invoicing providers in order to tell them apart? And what responses should you get from them to help you feel… assured? The truth is, you are not comparing apples to apples. They all have different models and different strengths. For help, read this guide today.

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P2P e-Invoicing Pressure on CFOs as Government Scrutiny Intensifies

This exciting guide reveals how you can ‘have it all’: you can school up on country VAT compliance needs, fulfil them, and meet your invoice automation business goals.

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Intercompany Rethinking Intercompany for Superior Shared Services Delivery

Intercompany has typically been seen as an accounting problem, yet it affects all areas of finance. After being neglected for many years, global changes are propelling its importance to the forefront. It has to be a key investment priority for shared services.

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P2P The Essential e-Invoicing and CTC Forecast for 2023

Over 70 jurisdictions have implemented – or are about to implement – e-involving or CTC (continuous transaction control) mandates. For AP leaders however, it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Pagero has published an e-Invoicing and CTC Regulatory Forecast for 2023.

Tax What is the European Commission’s ViDA – Vat in the Digital Age

In December 2022, the European Commission (EC) proposed a series of measures to modernise and make the EU's Value-Added Tax (VAT) system work better for businesses and more resilient to fraud by embracing and promoting digitalisation. The proposal aims to address challenges in the area of VAT raised

Shared Services Survey: Managing and Optimizing Workflow to Ensure Productivity

Even with all of the modern technology at our fingertips, many feel overwhelmed managing tasks and processes which are often now distributed all over the globe.

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