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Nov 16, 2022

P2P Tax Invoice Compliance: Are You Ready or Are You Vulnerable?

This webinar will help you understand the vulnerabilities between finance and tax in meeting the current and upcoming compliance regulations.

Oct 26, 2022

P2P Regain Visibility and Control in AP

Controls are essential to help prevent errors like duplicate payments, which can lead to revenue leakage. But if the controls are manual, or you are relying on auditing by spot-checking samples, you probably aren’t catching everything.

Sep 21, 2022

P2P 80% Touchless Invoicing in 2 Years

This webinar is a story of how Upfield achieved 80% Touchless Invoicing in 2 Years.

Sep 28, 2022

P2P How Finance Can Build Resilience

Agility and scalability are essential to future-proof AP and finance teams. So, what can finance and AP start doing to help build resilience in economic uncertainty?

P2P Shared Services Secrets to Unlocking Next-Level Automation

You have a crucial role to play to help guide your company to ensure organizational resilience and to navigate through a rapidly changing compliance and business landscape.

Ladder to the clouds
Oct 12, 2022

P2P Graphic Packaging P2P: 5 Lessons From Dropping On Prem

Graphic Packaging is a veteran in shared services. Join Shared Services Director Jeana Dear, as she walks through her vision, and spells out the key learnings from moving her P2P operation from on-premise to cloud.

Automation button being pressed by man in suit

P2P ESSENTIAL AP Automation Handbook

AP automation was once a nice-to-have, but thanks to changing global e-invoicing regulations, it’s now a MUST-have.

May 18, 2022

Tax P2P Your Vital Masterclass in European e-Invoicing Compliance

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to e-invoicing mandates. Each European country has picked the model that fits their situation best, resulting in a very diverse landscape. No enterprise company will be properly equipped right out of the gate. Even if you could be, it’s not your core competency — so register today for this Masterclass in European Compliance.

Mar 2, 2022

P2P 7 e-Invoicing Lessons from the Pros

Organized into 7 lessons, this webinar will be an excellent and exciting learning experience for teams looking to start e-invoicing or for those looking to reinvigorate a fatigued e-invoicing program.


P2P Kofax Acquires Tungsten

Intelligent automation software provider Kofax, has announced it has acquired Tungsten Corporation.


Shared Services P2P Susie West interviews Taulia’s Alexander Mutter, Managing Director EMEA Sales

Susie West interviews Taulia’s Alexander Mutter, Managing Director EMEA Sales, to find out:

Illustrated person worried about computer screens

P2P Shared Services Are Portals Complicating Matters?

Are Portals Complicating Matters? Find out by reading this exciting e-book and discover the revolutionary “Zero Serve” Model.


P2P Pagero Undertakings for Tungsten Shares Lapse after Kofax Raises Offer

Pagero said on Monday that its undertakings to acquire shares in Tungsten have lapsed after Tungsten agreed to an increased cash offer from Kofax.


e-invoicing P2P GSK’s 6 Clear Thinking Tips on E-Invoicing

P2P Global Process Owner, Greg Liebe is excited about the progress made in e-invoicing. Sixty per cent of their 1.8 million invoice volume is electronic, and 50% of this volume is touchless. Join Greg as he shares his experience of using the Tungsten Network to onboard 4000 suppliers and convert 800,000 invoices to electronic.


P2P O2C Future of the Digital CFO

With the number of finance leaders responsible for their company’s digital agenda tripling over the last 5 years*, it’s time for CFOs to create a robust, future-proofed strategic financial roadmap. Find out the Future of the Digital CFO in this enlightening guide.


P2P Scholastic: Achieving End-to-End AP Efficiency 

Discover how a cloud-based solution helped Scholastic standardize and streamline invoice management and gave them better visibility across the whole end-to-end process.


P2P Your Essential Guide to e-Invoicing and CTC Mandates

Time to get ready for e-invoicing and CTC mandates


P2P IOFM: Defining Traits of Best-in-Class Performers

The last 2 years have shown us AP departments achieving best-in-class results and those drowning in inefficiencies. But the fact is that any AP department can achieve top-performance. This whitepaper has everything you need.


P2P e-invoicing 7 e-Invoicing Lessons from the Pros

Organized into 7 lessons, this webinar will be an excellent and exciting learning experience for teams looking to start e-invoicing or for those looking to reinvigorate a fatigued e-invoicing program.


P2P Pagero Publishes Regulatory Forecast for 2022 and Beyond

As it stands, over 70 jurisdictions have implemented or are planning to implement e-invoicing mandates. Pagero has published a forecast of what to expect for 2022 and beyond.


P2P SAP to Acquire Taulia

Today, SAP has announced it intends to acquire a majority stake in privately held fintech company Taulia.


P2P Esker Acquires Majority Stake in Market Dojo

Esker has announced it has reached an agreement with eProcurement software company Market Dojo’s shareholders to acquire 50.1% of the shares and voting rights effective from Q1 2022. Esker will acquire the remainder shares over a four year period.


P2P Tax Tungsten CEO Interview Ch 2: E-Invoicing and Tax

Susie West interviews Tungsten Network CEO Paul Cooper


P2P Secrets to Unlocking Next-Level Automation

A combination of factors, including the need to work securely and remotely, as well as the need to compliantly meet the raft of e-invoicing mandates, means there has never been a better time to automate.


P2P Proactive, Persistent and, Passionate What it Takes to Be a Real Changemaker in P2P

While nearly all Procure-to-Pay departments have automated and digitized to some extent, we still see many enterprises at low to medium levels of e-invoicing, and most P2P professionals believe they could be more automated.


P2P Gartner P2P Magic Quadrant includes Coupa, Esker, Medius

Gartner recently released the findings of their 2021 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Procure-to-Pay Suites


P2P Imperial College Achieve 85% E-Invoicing

Imperial College London is no stranger to e-invoicing. Their initial priorities were reducing costs, speeding up the payment process and reducing arduous manual processing. Recently, they have explored ways to support foreign invoices and have set a goal of 100% e-invoicing. 


P2P Honda Logistics Reallocates 50% of AP FTEs After Automating

HLNA were manually handling over 115k paper-based invoices per year. Brad Gerritsen, the AP Coordinator, knew there was a faster and better way.


P2P AP Inefficiency is on the Rise

Tungsten has found that companies spend on average about 370 hours per week resolving P2P process issues – time that would be freed up by a straight-though automated solution. And yet, some companies are hesitant to implement new AP technology.


P2P Identifying the Shortcomings in P2P Automation

P2P Automation transforms your business, and transformation is a journey defined by the partners you choose. Choose poorly, and your solutions won't deliver the results you need.

Jul 26, 2022

P2P 5 Smart Questions to Ask When Building World-Class P2P Automation

We will dive deep into: tried-and-tested methods of improving supplier adoption of e-invoicing and overcoming the common objections


O2C P2P Esker and Marlabs Announce New Partnership

Esker has announced it has formed a new strategic partnership with digital solutions company Marlabs, allowing Marlabs’ customers access to Esker’s P2P and O2C automation solutions.


P2P RPA vs AI: How to WIN at Finance Transformation

RPA and AI are often grouped together as digital ‘next-gen’ technology. However, there are vast and vital differences between the two. Depending on your end goal, knowing which is appropriate for each situation could be the difference between success and failure.


P2P O2C Esker and Hexaware Technologies Announce Partnership

Esker has announced a new partnership with Hexaware Technologies, a global IT consulting and digital solutions provider. Hexaware Technologies will serve as an implementation and reseller partner for Esker’s automation solution suite for P2P and O2C.


P2P Push the DPO Envelope : Leverage AI to Optimise Payment Terms and Working Capital

apexanalytix’s research has shown that 25.73% vendor invoice terms are better for the supplier than the original negotiated terms. This session will dive into how payment terms get changed and financial impact to working capital. And, more importantly, how every supplier can be assessed against previously negotiated terms and opportunities for extensions, baseline date changes, or payment schedule changes.


P2P Spend Management Revolution at Nissan

Despite being highly automated when it comes to car manufacturing, Nissan’s indirect spend processes were largely manual. Multiple systems were in use and there was little collaboration between finance and purchasing or between Nissan and its suppliers. Download this case study to find out how they turned it around.


P2P Guide to Autonomous AP

Artificial Intelligence is transforming every global industry and function, and Finance is no exception. Download this Guide to Autonomous AP to learn how a finance function transformed by AI can deliver significant value.


P2P CFO Survey Report — Why Optimism Abounds

In spite of 2020’s challenges—and maybe, partly, because of them—CFOs are optimistic about the future. That’s one of the surprising conclusions drawn from recent research into the use of technology in finance departments. Download this White Paper to find out the other surprising results.


P2P LUSH’s Journey to 90% Touchless Invoice Processing

Watch this video and discover how LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics went from 57% to 90% touchless invoice processing.


P2P P2P Webinar 2021 P2P Tech Forecast: The Hackett Group Assessment

2020 threw us all a curved ball. Who better to determine how events will impact our P2P future than The Hackett Group.


P2P P2P Automation 90% of Invoices Processed in 2 Days: The Culligan Story

Forecasting cash flow – particularly in the current environment – is vital for the health of your business. Find out the amazing results Culligan France achieved when they automated their Accounts Payable department.


AP Accounts Payable Supplier Metrics All AP Professionals Should Know

At the end of last year, Taulia launched their annual Supplier Survey, and the results are in.  Nearly 19,500 responded from businesses of all sizes and industries across the globe – download this report to find out what they said.


AP P2P E-invoicing Game-Changing Advice

Watch Linda Shipman from Dairy Farms of America share in this 3-minute video two pieces of game-changing advice she learned along the way on their inspiring journey.


P2P P2P Automation 9 Tips for P2P Technology Implementation from The Hackett Group

Download this guide from The Hackett Group and discover the top 9 risks and common mistakes companies often encounter when implementing new technology and best practice mitigation methods for each challenge.


P2P The Future of AP: Are You Prepared for What’s Next?

In 2017, IOFM and Esker teamed up to survey over 200 companies to ask them to forecast the future of AP. Three years later they followed up – and the changes were huge.


P2P 3 Ways to Drive Value with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Source-to-Pay

AI and Big Data have the potential to transform Source-to-Pay (S2P). But to what extent have companies actually started implementing solutions, and where do the untapped opportunities lie?


P2P How to Supercharge e-Invoicing with RPA

Despite being a relatively new technology, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is already seeing high levels of adoption across the AP industry.


P2P Four Observations on EU Policy And The Future of e-invoicing

Four observations on EU policy and the future of e-invoicing. Will EU policy determine the e-invoicing future of vendors, buyers and suppliers? Why does the EU care about e-invoicing? Will the EU intervene? What should the private sector do?