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4 Aligned Priorities for CFO & CPO on black background with rainbow infinity symbol

P2P 4 Aligned Priorities for CFO & CPO

Explore how finance and procurement can synergize for greater benefits. Learn the 4 aligned priorities for CFO & CPO from our guide. Download now!

Aligning AP and AR e-Invoicing Programs: The Critical Factors for Success
Sep 18, 2024

P2P O2C Aligning AP and AR e-Invoicing Programs: 7 Critical Factors for Success

Explore the 7 critical success factors for aligning AP and AR e-invoicing programs. Learn about unified platforms, stakeholder engagement, effective communication, and staying compliant with evolving mandates.

Jun 26, 2024

P2P Where AI Works in e-Invoicing: 5 Sub Processes

We are heading to touchless. Automation has taken us far, but not far enough. The new rocket fuel is AI.

P2P Mastering E-Invoicing Implementation: Lessons from the Leaders - Infographic Report

Implementing e-invoicing is not always smooth sailing. ​ Most companies face challenges such as system integration, lack of stakeholder buy-in, higher costs, and data quality issues. ERPs alone are not enough to compliantly manage e-invoicing globally.

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P2P PRGX Unveils AI-Powered AP Platform

PRGX has unveiled a new AI-powered accounts payable platform called Supplier Connect. Supplier Connect aims to streamline manual processes into AI-driven workflows that handle supplier inquiries and disputes quicker, and with higher accuracy, leading to stronger supplier relationships

Jun 5, 2024

P2P 5 Strategies for Minimizing Supplier Inquiries, Disputes, and Unnecessary Repayments

Step into a world where invoice chaos, supplier disputes, and financial drains are a thing of the past.

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May 15, 2024

P2P Important e-Invoicing Compliance Update: 4 Countries

This webinar is designed to help you as we cover the basic definitions around CTC, clearance and compliance. We will look at global trends as well as recent changes impacting 4 countries: Romania, Poland, Malaysia and France.

P2P E-Invoicing Wisdom: How to Reduce Your Tail

Vendor reduction is a critical imperative for organizations to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance strategic initiatives. ​ By right-sizing the vendor base and implementing a tail spend management solution, you can simplify processes, increase compliance, & improve performance

banner says: Demystifying Peppol: What You Need to Know About e-Invoicing Standards, Compliance, and Future Trends. Picture of digital highway

P2P Tax Demystifying Peppol: What You Need to Know About e-Invoicing Standards, Compliance, and Future Trends

Discover the pivotal role of Peppol in e-invoicing with our comprehensive report. Learn how Peppol fosters global interoperability, simplifies compliance, and navigates evolving standards. Explore its expansion beyond Europe, adoption in Asia-Pacific, and upcoming developments like PINT. Stay ahead

Apr 24, 2024

P2P 4 Aligned Priorities of the CFO & CPO

Huge benefits await any company ready to proactively and intelligently bring Finance and Procurement together into a cohesive, strengthened partnership. Join me for the 4 Aligned Priorities of the CFO & CPO WEBINAR.

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P2P Esker Named in First Ever Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Source-to-Pay

Esker has been named in the first ever Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Source-to-Pay.

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Mar 6, 2024

P2P Still Missing: Much Needed Collaboration Between Finance and Procurement

Shared services and GBS organizations are stiving for touchless processing. Treating cross-functional processes as end-to-end is pivotal to achieving it. So it is surprising that, even in 2024, 53% of finance and procurement professionals say their CFOs and CPOs fail to bring S2P teams together*.

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P2P US e-Invoicing Exchange Network Launches: Digital Business Networks Alliance

In a similar model to Peppol, the network uses a four-corner model, where e-documents are sent and received through an access points that connects companies to the network.

Mastering E-Invoicing Implementation: Lessons from the Leaders. Picture of a boat sailing through obstacles
Mar 20, 2024

P2P Mastering E-Invoicing Implementation: Lessons from the Leaders

We've identified at least 9 mistakes companies continue to make as they implement e-invoicing. Join us for a webinar and discover the most common mistakes, and how to overcome them.

P2P New Report: Finance Transformation Successes and Pitfalls

While finance automation can lead to impressive, financially rewarding transformations, many programs still fall short, leading to wasted resources, tarnished reputations, and a negative shift in organizational culture.

Title: Everything You Need to Know About Peppol – But Were Afraid to Ask. A design showcasing a digital road with signboards pointing to various e-invoicing topics, set against a gradient sky.
Dec 12, 2023

P2P Tax Everything You Need to Know About Peppol

If you are investing in e-invoicing or expanding your e-invoicing program, there are some important things to know about Peppol, an international e-invoicing standard with growing global importance.

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P2P Mastering Supplier Onboarding at GSK

Read this dynamic guide - E-Invoicing: Mastering Supplier Onboarding - for GSK's 7 top tips and lessons learned from their supplier onboarding journey, and strategies for how to get procurement engaged.

Title reads: The Impact of E-Invoicing and Real-Time Tax Reporting. Shows newtons cradle balls impacting on other balls.

Tax P2P The Impact of E-Invoicing and Real-Time Tax Reporting

Discover the Evolution of E-Invoicing: From Latin America to Europe, the Mandatory Shift is Here! Explore the Game-Changing 2024 Mandates in Poland, Spain, Belgium, and Beyond. Ensure Compliance Across Borders and Learn Top 4 Strategies for Success.

Purple and Pink Background with white lettering for title.

P2P Deutsche Bahn Invoicing: Transparent, Digital and Fully Integrated

Each year, the AP team at Deutsche Bahn was manually processing approx. 12M invoices from around 100K suppliers. With a lack of visibility, disjointed processes and up to 30% of invoices with no PO reference, the AP department was in constant “fire-fighter” mode.

Nov 8, 2023

P2P P2P: What "Good" Looks Like (And Why it Matters)

Unlock the potential of P2P operations! Join our webinar to explore key areas hindering progress, measure success with KPIs, and embrace technology for streamlined efficiency. Register now!

Business people discussing procedure on project. Making decisions, controlling and supporting the deal.

Tax Shared Services E-Invoicing and Real-Time Tax Reporting: Core Business Requirements You Can't Ignore

Discover the game-changing world of E-Invoicing and Real-Time Tax Reporting. Unleash your business's true potential and thrive in a rapidly evolving compliance landscape. Download now and shape the future!

P2P Report: The Top 3 Issues Holding AP Back – and What to Do About Them

This e-book explains how investing in a robust AP process is crucial for scalability, preparation for further growth, and cost reductions

Shared Services P2P New Report Reveals Key Challenges and Solutions for Shared Services

The report shares comprehensive knowledge on how to address the seven main challenges, including breaking free from transactional constraints, navigating financial compliance complexities, optimizing costs amidst inflationary pressures, and harnessing the power of digital transformation.

Sep 27, 2023

P2P Statement Matching: AP Automation at Eli Lilly

Join our webinar where Diane Coey, GPO P2P, at Eli Lilly shares key learnings from being in the top team of an established GBS, the enabling technologies that have helped them thrive and the tangible benefits they have seen from a pro-active approach to supplier statement reconciliation.

Title: 7 Main Issues Facing Shared Services. Pop Art Style. Man and woman with shouting expressions

Shared Services P2P Report: 7 Main Issues Facing Shared Services Today – and How to Address Them

Navigate 7 shared services challenges & find solutions. Overcome rising costs, workload complexity, digital transformation struggles, poor data quality & more. Gain insights for success in shared services.

Title reads: Finance Transformation: What’s Working, What’s Not. Blue background. Image of two icons of people. One has a broken lightbulb weighing him down. One person icon is floating up on a bright lightbulb. Two person created different ideas but only one is having success, while the other fails. Vector artwork shows the concept of idea success and failure.
Sep 13, 2023

P2P Finance Transformation: What’s Working, What’s Not

Successful automation and transformation help finance teams thrive. Yet the majority of finance transformation programs fail to achieve their intended outcomes. How can failure be avoided…?

Title reads: Growing Companies: The Top 3 Issues Holding AP Back – and What to Do About It. Image of 4 people in business attire leaping over stacks of paper, obstacles and a desk in an athletic manner.

P2P Growing Companies: The Top 3 Issues Holding AP Back – and What to Do About It

This e-book examines the top challenges in accounts payable and the proactive changes you can start making today to future-proof your organisation.

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P2P e-Invoicing 80% Touchless Invoicing in 2 Years at Upfield

Upfield spun off from Unilever in 2018. At that time, 100% of AP invoices were paper-based. 24 months later, a staggering 75% of Upfield’s 8,000 suppliers were invoicing the company electronically. Read the 80% Touchless Invoicing in 2 Years at Upfield CASE STUDY.

90% Touchless Invoicing at John Lewis: Lessons Learnt
Jun 28, 2023

P2P e-invoicing 90% Touchless Invoicing at John Lewis: Lessons Learnt

In 2011 Chris Darlington, Global Process Lead S2S & Finance, and the team implemented Tungsten with the aim to move their biggest suppliers on to e-invoicing. Join this webinar as Chris looks back on some key lessons learnt over the years.

The Impact of E-Invoicing and Real-Time Tax Reporting
Jul 11, 2023

Tax P2P The Impact of E-Invoicing and Real-Time Tax Reporting

E-Invoicing and real-time reporting requirements are becoming core-business requirements and are strategic decisions that directly impact your ability to move into new markets and your bottom line

P2P GSK's 6 Tips for Successful E-Invoicing

P2P Global Process Owner Greg Liebe is excited about his e-invoicing progress. Throughout this journey, Greg and his team have been incredibly successful, but that doesn’t mean they got it right the first time around. Read this Case Study for Greg's 6 Tips for successful e-invoicing.

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P2P SAPInsider: 3 Tips to Reduce Payment Fraud

SAP Insider: 3 Tips to Reduce Payment Fraud

Gold, silver and bronze trophies

P2P e-Invoicing Guide to Choosing the Right E-invoicing Provider

What questions should you ask e-invoicing providers in order to tell them apart? And what responses should you get from them to help you feel… assured? The truth is, you are not comparing apples to apples. They all have different models and different strengths. For help, read this guide today.

Man in suit using binoculars to scrutinise the globe

P2P e-Invoicing Pressure on CFOs as Government Scrutiny Intensifies

This exciting guide reveals how you can ‘have it all’: you can school up on country VAT compliance needs, fulfil them, and meet your invoice automation business goals.

Man holding globe
May 17, 2023

e-invoicing P2P Panic Prevention: Schooling Up Now on E-Invoicing Mandates

Country government entities are increasingly setting up mandated invoice flows so they get to see and book an invoice before the payer does. What does this mean for you....? Potentially a lot of work, and a lot of worry. Register to discover how to tackle this hugely disruptive phenomenon.

Ships sailing though water on the look out
May 24, 2023

P2P Navigating Your AP Journey - Tips, Strategies, and Insights

Are you currently on an AP automation journey or planning to embark on one? Then this highly informative webinar is perfect for you. Join Bryan DeGraw from The Hackett Group and Eric Modh from Pagero as they provide practical steps and actionable insights for you on your journey to “World Class”.

4 men on the left hand side of the image against a blue background. Three men are pushing blocks while another is rolling a ball and getting further. The webinar title is on the righthand side of the image in white
Jun 7, 2023

P2P How Basebone Automated Their Payables Processes

Join Maria Liston, CFO at Basebone as she shares the journey they’ve been on and how Tipalti helped them remove their cumbersome manual processes and automate their payables processes.

Arms holding up gold trophy
Apr 5, 2023

e-invoicing P2P E-Invoicing: How to Master Supplier Onboarding

One of the critical success factors behind a winning e-invoicing campaign is how many suppliers onboard. If suppliers delay in using your e-invoicing solution, your days of paper invoices will continue. Hear Greg Liebe, Senior Leader in P2P at GSK share how they mastered Supplier Onboarding.

Apr 13, 2023

P2P Unleash the Potential of AP: How to use AI to Supercharge Accounts Payable Controls and Drive Process Efficiency

AP departments are overstretched. Overburdened teams may not have the time or capacity to perform important tasks like reconciling 100% of supplier statements, which can result in huge sums leaking from the organization.

O2C P2P BlackLine Joins Forces with Kofax to Add Globally Compliant Electronic Invoicing Capabilities to Accounts Receivable Automation Solutions

BlackLine AR Automation combined with Kofax's global business transaction network creates end-to-end solution for automated invoice-to-cash efficiency

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P2P The Essential e-Invoicing and CTC Forecast for 2023

Over 70 jurisdictions have implemented – or are about to implement – e-involving or CTC (continuous transaction control) mandates. For AP leaders however, it can be overwhelming. Thankfully, Pagero has published an e-Invoicing and CTC Regulatory Forecast for 2023.

Red and White lighthouse on the left hand side of the image in the background with a stormy sea at night in the foreground. A title in the centre of the image reads 2023: E-Invoice Regulatory Outlook for U.S Multinationals
Feb 15, 2023

P2P 2023 E-Invoice Regulatory Outlook for U.S. Multinationals

Attend this webinar to build awareness, understand your risks and opportunities, and plan for 100% e-invoice compliance. You will leave the webinar more knowledgeable about the regulatory roadmap, with valuable takeaways that can translate into immediate action.

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P2P Pagero comments on the digitalization proposal (ViDA) by the European Commission

On 8th December 2022, the European Commission (EC) presented their proposal to further digitalize and harmonize invoicing and VAT reporting in the EU (referred to as VAT in the Digital Age or ViDA).

Tax P2P One-Third Not Aware of Real-Time Reporting or E-Invoicing Requirements

Despite many new regulations coming into force over the last 10 years, many companies have delayed their development of a strategic approach to this challenge and, as a result, have had to implement expensive and complex workarounds to remain compliant.

P2P Tax 8 Guiding Principles for Compliance Confidence

4 Dos and Don'ts to Managing Dynamic Global E-invoice Compliance Requirements with Confidence

P2P 6 Ways Finance and AP Can Build Resilience in Economic Uncertainty

What does finance need to work on in 2023 and beyond to ensure resilience?

Nov 16, 2022

P2P Tax Invoice Compliance: Are You Ready or Are You Vulnerable?

This webinar will help you understand the vulnerabilities between finance and tax in meeting the current and upcoming compliance regulations.

Oct 26, 2022

P2P Regain Visibility and Control in AP

Controls are essential to help prevent errors like duplicate payments, which can lead to revenue leakage. But if the controls are manual, or you are relying on auditing by spot-checking samples, you probably aren’t catching everything.

Sep 21, 2022

P2P 80% Touchless Invoicing in 2 Years

This webinar is a story of how Upfield achieved 80% Touchless Invoicing in 2 Years.

Sep 28, 2022

P2P How Finance Can Build Resilience

Agility and scalability are essential to future-proof AP and finance teams. So, what can finance and AP start doing to help build resilience in economic uncertainty?

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