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R2R How Complex Businesses Running Off SAP Transform R2R

A step-by-step guide to how to automate Task Management, Balance Sheet Certification and Manual Journal Entry with Redwood and dramatically improve efficiency, visibility, and scalability.

R2R Jabil's Secret Weapon: The Finance Digital Transformation Team

American manufacturing giant Jabil has a secret weapon when it comes to finance transformation: a dedicated Finance Digital Transformation Team. READ THIS PRACTICAL CASE STUDY to discover how to drive R2R automation in your own organization.

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May 22, 2024

R2R Intercompany The AI Impact on Record to Report

Record-to-Report is a financial process truly ripe for enhancing with AI. But when it comes to implementing AI in the finance organization, where do businesses start, and how can you make sure your approach is smart for your finance organization? Register for this webinar to find out!

May 8, 2024

R2R 6 Milestones to R2R Transformation

Finance transformation projects require heroic levels of energy and focus. So planning and execution must be exact and smart.

R2R R2R Unleashed: The Path to the Touchless Close Chapter 3

This taut and pithy 3-part series looks at how SAP organizations are moving to a touchless close. In Chapter 3, Susie West interviews Shak Akhtar, General Manager of Finance Automation at Redwood.

R2R R2R Unleashed: The Path to the Touchless Close Chapter 2

This taut and pithy 3-part series looks at how SAP organizations are moving to a touchless close. In Chapter 2, Susie West interviews Shak Akhtar, General Manager of Finance Automation at Redwood Software, on Mastering R2R Automation.

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Mar 21, 2024

R2R Jabil: 4 Automation Game-Changers for R2R

Billion dollar electronics company Jabil, has an ace up its sleeve when it comes to transformation. A dedicated Finance Digital Transformation Team responsible for all finance systems. In this webinar we'll discover their journey from time-consuming manual work to a highly automated streamlined R2R.

R2R Unleashed: The Path to the Touchless Close

This taut and pithy 3-part series looks at how SAP organizations are moving to a touchless close.

Feb 7, 2024

R2R Top Opportunities for Optimizing your SAP Financial Close

For many SAP customers, finance activities are a key area of opportunity. Orchestrating, executing and monitoring critical closing processes can be complex and time-consuming, making them ripe for digital transformation. Find out how you can better optimize your financial close process in SAP today.

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Mar 8, 2023

automation R2R Next Stop, 15%: Global Minimum Taxes and the Intercompany Impact

Global minimum tax has made headlines the last few years. But what do all these new rulings really mean to organizations, and how can companies best prepare for the changes? Join us as we discuss the recent rulings in depth, what led to them and the potential impact to processes like Intercompany.

Dec 6, 2022

R2R 6 Winning Ways to Automate Accruals in Your ERP

If you are struggling with advanced accruals and bank statement GL matching, register today for this process-critical webinar.

Intercompany R2R BlackLine Unveils Industry's First 'Tax Hyperautomation' Capabilities for Intercompany

Designed to reduce the financial compliance, tax and other risks associated with today’s complex and globally connected business environment, BlackLine’s new tax hyperautomation capabilities offer a range of functionality to help multinational organizations understand and automate intercompany tax w

Jul 5, 2022

Intercompany R2R Rethinking Intercompany for Superior Shared Services Delivery

Join this webinar to learn from some of the most experienced intercompany professionals in the business, where they will explore intercompany as a catalyst for service efficiency and growth

Jun 15, 2022

R2R 4 Ways Hyatt Revolutionized R2R 

As demands on R2R teams increase, finance professionals face a choice: work harder or work smarter. It’s time to join the world of modern accounting. Like many finance professionals, Travis Curl, GL Manager at Hyatt, and his team were feeling that pressure. On June 15th, Travis will join me to share how they transformed their financial close process in the 4 Ways Hyatt Revolutionized R2R Webinar.


R2R Infographic Report: 5 Best Practices for an Easy Financial Close

A recent survey from sharedserviceslink and Redwood found that two-thirds of finance professionals would like to spend less time on their financial close.


R2R Blackline Wins Two SAP Partner Excellence 2022 Awards

Blackline has announced it has won two SAP Partner Excellence 2022 awards. The awards are presented to SAP’s top-performing partners in each region who have significantly contributed to driving exceptional digital transformation


R2R R2R Automation 5 Best Practices for an Easy Financial Close

In our latest survey from sharedserviceslink and Redwood, over half of companies say they wanted to spend less time on intercompany as well as accruals, provisions and reclassifications.


R2R Blackline Acquires FourQ

Blackline has announced the acquisition of intercompany accounting technology solution provider, FourQ. The $165M purchase (plus earn out considerations of up to $75M subject to meeting performance milestones over the next 3 years) will boost Blackline’s existing intercompany automation provision, and add tax and statutory reporting compliance capabilities to its financial operations management platform.


R2R Intercompany FourQ Announces Significant New Capabilities for its Paymaster Solutions

FourQ has announced new features and upgrades for its Paymaster product line. Paymaster centralises and automates global vendor invoice management.


R2R AR Blackline Chairman Sells 10k Shares

Yesterday, Executive Chairman Therese Tucker sold 10,000 shares of Blackline stock for $1,173,300.

Sep 22, 2022

R2R Cash Collections Success at Veolia

See how, by implementing AR automation to the cash application process, the Veolia credit team went from chasing remits to collecting more cash.


AR R2R Blackline named as a Top 100 Software Company

Blackline has been named as one of The Software Report’s Top 100 Software Companies for 2021.


R2R Intercompany It’s Time to Stop Ignoring Intercompany

Let’s face it – intercompany accounting is often neglected in large multinationals, despite its vital role. Download this essential 10-Step Guide and discover how to successfully transform Intercompany in your organization. 


Intercompany sharedserviceslink news FourQ: One of the Best Places to Work in Fintech

FourQ has been named one of the Best Places to Work in Financial Technology by Arizent, publisher of American Banker.


R2R Finance Automation of Record-to-Report: What are the Alternatives for GBS and SSCs?

The financial close is repetitive and complex. It often spans multiple geographies and departments, requires many levels of approvals and controls, and can include as many as six to seven hundred processes with hundreds of sub-processes embedded in each. Discover how period end Close can be a non-event.

Jul 28, 2020

Shared Services R2R Kier GBS: Resource Hungry Process Automated with Significant Improvements in Quality While 65% FTE Reduction in Financial Accounting

Listen to this webinar to find out how Kier transformed their FinAcc team, resulting in reduced overheads, FTE reductions and 100% of recs captured using BlackLine technology.

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