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P2P Performance Metrics from The Hackett Group

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Susie West
CEO, sharedserviceslink

In an exciting new collaboration between The Hackett Group and sharedserviceslink, you can get a free, instant report showing how your company's AP processes compare to those of typical organizations – as well as top performers.

What can you compare?

  • Invoice processing cycle time (for PO and non-PO invoices)
  • First-pass match rate  
  • On-time payment rate
  • Days payable outstanding
  • Cost per invoice

Come prepared with this information plus your company's annual spend and invoice volume, and you’ll walk away with a customized snapshot (like the charts below) of how your organization stacks up compared to others in The Hackett Group's renowned database.*  








Who’s eligible?  Shared services and finance practitioners who are registered on our website  (Vendors and consultants are not eligible for this service.)

Email questions to: [email protected]


Take part now, and get your instant report!


*Since 1991 The Hackett Group has completed more than 16,500 benchmarking studies with major corporations and government agencies, including 93% of the Dow Jones Industrials, 89% of the Fortune 100, 83% of the DAX 30 and 57% of the FTSE 100. These studies drive its Best Practice Intelligence Center™ which includes the firm’s benchmarking metrics, best practices repository and best practice configuration guides and process flows, which enable The Hackett Group’s clients and partners to achieve world-class performance.

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