Dealing with Expenses in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

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Sally Hardcastle
Aug 6, 2020

We’d all like to think ours is the one organization that’s immune to expense fraud. 

But it happens – to the tune of almost $3bn in the US alone – and it’s worth knowing where the typical leaks are so pre-emptive action can be taken.

And, by the way, in many cases employees aren’t even aware they are acting fraudulently. The odd bad egg aside, this can be down to something as simple as woolly or out-of-date corporate expense rules – or an absence of any rules at all, in which case the pandemic is only likely to have exacerbated the problem. 

Staff now need to be able to claim for costs incurred while working from home. These include a whole raft of ‘new’ items like printer ink, internet connections and maybe even desks, to keep home offices running smoothly.

These types of items are unlikely to feature in the more traditional list of approved expenses. And, if there are no clear guidelines in place, it’s little wonder if money is spent on the wrong things.

To find out how to come to grips with expenses, download this fascinating infographic today.

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