Fraud is on the Rise - Are You Ready?

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Sarah Fane
Jul 9, 2020

The opportunity for fraud has increased dramatically, for two reasons. 

First, companies are quickly adjusting their business and may be doing business with new partners who may not have been properly vetted. Second, traditional controls are under intense pressure, so many businesses have let down their guard.


Download this Infographic and find out what steps you can take to prevent business spend fraud from happening.

This informative and concise report explores:

  • Where the greatest risks of fraud for shared services are
  • How to identify vulnerabilities in your fraud controls
  • How to use AI to uncover and prevent fraud
  • Simple proactive steps to stop fraud 


Facing financial uncertainty – it’s important for organisations to safeguard their working capital, and spend wisely.

This report, sponsored by AppZen explores how AI-powered software can not only protect you from fraud, software can also help you reduce your spend by catching and preventing it before money goes out the door. It helps promote best practice as well as catch duplicates, wasteful or over-the-limit spend, data entry typos, incorrect receipts, invoice anomalies, or out of policy expenses.


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