Hackett’s Top Tips for How You Can Build a Top Performing Customer-to-Cash Department

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Sarah Fane
Apr 21, 2020

The Hackett Group’s recent Key Issues Study highlighted some features and trends that exist in world class Customer-to-Cash departments. One crucial element was that each of the fundamental parts that make up the Customer-to-Cash process were well aligned, resulting in highly efficient, successful, and economical finance functions.

Download this whitepaper from The Hackett Group and find out:

  • What the top 10 characteristics of a world class Customer-to-Cash department are and how you can achieve them
  • Why automation is a fundamental component (and some shocking figures that highlight automation differences between the Top Performers and their peers)
  • Why it is essential for finance functions to have a leader who can own the end-to-end process and have overall responsibility for policies and process decisions within the department 

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