How Airbus is Using AI to Save Millions (and Delighting Employees)

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Sally Hardcastle
Jan 30, 2020

Airbus Americas started its journey with a small team manually reviewing approximately 25,000 T&E reports annually, many of which were in a foreign language or had missing receipts. It was a hugely time-consuming process. In 2018, Richard Masci, Head of Financial System Services and Compliance, introduced a new system using AppZen’s AI technology to increase efficiency and accuracy within the T&E department. In that first year, Airbus Americas saved $100k, paying off their initial investment and making a healthy profit on top. This year, they are projecting savings of $200k for that one division alone. 


To see how they generated these savings download this infographic and find out how, by digitising and automating your T&E operation, you can streamline your processes, stay compliant and save millions - delighting your employees in the process.

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