How Electrolux Transformed T&E With AI

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Susie West
CEO, sharedserviceslink
Mar 25, 2020

Prior to automating, Electrolux had a team of 12 employees checking 80,000 Travel and Entertainment claims per year. They checked 100% of claims for compliance, accuracy and legitimacy.

Download the presentation to learn how Electrolux implemented AI powered technology to transform their T&E process.

Learn how automating with AI-powered software:

  • Has transformed and streamlined the T&E process at Electrolux
  • Enables Electrolux managers to focus on policy compliant cost approval only
  • Enables Electrolux audit team to only manually check a fraction of claims, freeing up the team for more varied work  
  • Helps employees to be reimbursed faster and facilitates manager approvals 
  • Highlighted areas for improvement in their global travel and expense policies

Learn how they are driving best practice in T&E and rolling out this technology globally.

Download the presentation:


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