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How to Choose a T&E Expense Management Tool

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Viveka Alvestrand
Digital Marketing Manager

How does your organization deal with employee travel and expenses (T&E) reimbursement?

Perhaps it’s a system based on lumpy, outdated technology no one wants to use. Or (horror of horrors!), is it still paper-based?

With staff confined to working from home, this might seem like a far-away issue.

But the fact is that legacy processes and lax business practices leave the door open for fraudulent expenses claims – to the tune of $3bn a year in the US alone. That’s a lot of beer and pizza on the firm.

On top of that, budgets are likely to be under ever-more scrutiny in the post-corona world, so we think you’ll agree it makes sense to prioritize looking at how your company deals with its T&E spending.

An expenses management solution can do much to help stem that loss of funds, putting firm rules in place that clear up the ambiguity staff are sometimes faced with when filing their reports.

Above all, since everything is done online, the whole process is much simpler for everyone. Given what we have learned during the global crisis, anything that can be done remotely/digitally surely is the obvious solution?

But with plenty of vendors out there, how do you know which one to go with? A Request for Proposal (RFP) that communicates your needs and objectives to potential software providers will help.

A great RFP asks questions that immediately separate vendors who can satisfy your needs from those who cannot.

And guess what? We have the very thing for you, right here, right now: a super-useful RFP guide, complete with 40 incisive questions for this very purpose.

It’s called Creating an RFP for Travel and Expenses Management Solutions, and it’s available for you to download today!

Download it here:

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