How to Create an RFP for an Expense Management Solution

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Sally Hardcastle
Aug 14, 2020

Are you thinking about investing in an expense management solution?

Covid-19 has turned millions of employees into remote workers who, instead of picking up receipts from their business travel expenditure, need to be able to claim for expenses incurred working from their homes.

That’s so much easier to process through a digitized, automated system where everything is handled remotely.

But what will be the most important and helpful features of a new system to employees and your finance team colleagues? Which vendor solutions out there match your organization’s needs?

The right vendor solution for your organization lies at the end of a long list of answered questions. 

This report will help you when evaluating software suppliers. Use it as a guide to deliver a comprehensive expense management request for proposal (RFP).

By providing sufficient context and asking the right questions from vendors upfront you’ll quickly be able to decide who’s the right fit for your company.

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