How to Effectively Manage Expenses Incurred from Home Working

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Sally Hardcastle
May 21, 2020

Employee travel and out-of-pocket expenses are typically the second-biggest line item organizations face. 

Staff may not be travelling, but they still need to be able to claim for expenses incurred while working from home. 

Effective management of this process is critical to avoid non-compliance and (yes, potentially) fraud. But the truth is many companies haven’t addressed this properly.

Take a look at these interesting figures:

  • 8% of companies say they have no expense policy in place at all
  • 58% haven’t updated their expense policies in the past year
  • Fewer than half of all companies have an expense management solution in place

As a result of these factors, it’s no surprise that 40% of finance executives say that enforcing their travel and expense (T&E) policy is a major issue for their organization.

So, how can these challenges be overcome? Download this insight-packed report to find out. 

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