How to Master Best Practices for Automating Financial Operations

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Editor Coda
Jun 18, 2020

Change can be challenging with or without a crisis.

But the pandemic has forced finance teams to transition to a work-from-home reality, and for that to work smoothly processes to be automated.

Without remote visibility into your organization’s numbers, things can start to unravel very quickly.

Not every company has been ready for the changes. And COVID-19 has had many company bosses wishing they’d opted for automation before the crisis hit.  

In this webinar, Katherine Edenbach, CFO of Emburse, and Joaquim Segura, VP Sales & Co-Founder of Caption by Emburse, discuss the challenges and best practices for automating financial operations – today.

Watch it now and get ready to embrace operational success, wherever your staff carry out their work.

Emburse Webinar: Virtualizing Financial Operations- EU Version from Emburse on Vimeo.


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