How to Use Data to See the ROI on T&E Spend

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Sally Hardcastle
Jul 31, 2020

In an economic downturn, it’s easy to see why T&E budgets come under scrutiny. 

Building good client relationships has major positive impact on company sales. But this activity has traditionally been hard to quantify in exact monetary terms. Without direct numerical evidence linking expense expenditure back to successful business outcomes, how can we know if money from the T&E budget could be put to better use elsewhere? 

And – here’s a toughie - once a recession takes hold and sales inevitably fall, how do you pinpoint if the drop-off is due to the broader economic climate or reduced T&E spend?

If you don’t have real data to hand, it’s a tall order. And without it, the cycle of further cost-cutting is only likely to continue.

But, according to a Harvard Business Review report, below, there is a strong case to be made for not slashing T&E allocations and still seeing a return on investment. How?

Download this compelling paper today to find out.

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