Spend Management Revolution at Nissan

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Sally Hardcastle
Mar 26, 2021

Despite being highly automated when it comes to car manufacturing, Nissan’s indirect spend processes were largely manual. Multiple systems were in use and there was little collaboration between finance and purchasing or between Nissan and its suppliers. 

They made the decision to move to a single eProcurement platform. Additional requirements were that it must integrate with SAP and be user-friendly and multilingual.

After an evaluation of global eProcurement systems, Medius’ Spend Management solution was chosen and implemented.

Suppliers can now submit invoices electronically through a multi-lingual supplier portal, and most are received with just one click – completely eliminating manual errors. 

Download this case study to see their amazing results including:

  • 85% of requisitions and orders now approved by email or mobile phone
  • 85% reduction in cost to process e-Invoices vs paper
  • 43% reduction in the cost of raising a PO
  • How they ensured stakeholder buy-in by involving them in the development process through a 10-day workshop

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