Supplier Metrics All AP Professionals Should Know

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Sally Hardcastle
Sep 10, 2020

In an uncertain economy, more than ever, you want to ensure as little disruption to your supply chain as possible. It’s very easy to focus on how your business is performing and not look at the wider picture. You know what’s working for you, but what about your suppliers?

At the end of last year, Taulia launched their annual Supplier Survey, and the results are in.  

Nearly 19,500 responded from businesses of all sizes and industries across the globe – download this report to find out what they said.

  • Discover key metrics such as how often suppliers are paid late and how many want to offer early payment discounts and the drivers behind this
  • Find out what the significant differences have been over the last four years for some of the main KPIs
  • Gain insights into supplier behavior and use it to enhance your relationship with your suppliers and discover long-term cost-saving benefits

Download this report for many more enlightening metrics and find out the implications for your supply chain.

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