The REAL Benefit of Using an Expense Management System

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Sally Hardcastle
Jun 3, 2020

Using an expense management system is an effective way of taking control of employee-generated company outlay.

There are the obvious practical benefits, like setting rules that cut out ambiguity around what staff can and cannot claim for, as well as giving finance teams access to up-to-date budgets at the touch of a button. 

There is a long list of reasons why companies should abandon paper-based reports for their sleeker digital equivalents. But the financial rewards you can reap from processing claims digitally is where it gets REALLY interesting. 

Did you know that, according to research analysts Levvel, organizations who opt for a digitized system can save an average of 74% over those who use a manual equivalent for submitting, approving and reimbursing staff expenses?

Spread across a whole organization, in a year, we are talking potential big-buck savings. The ROI from expense automation can top the cost of the solution itself many times over

To get an idea of exactly how sizeable these savings can be, and how your organization could directly benefit, take a look at this report.

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