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Tick that T&E Transformation off your To-do List

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Sally Hardcastle
Senior Researcher, sharedserviceslink

With the sheer volume of expense claims and invoices the typical enterprise company is processing each year, there is little wonder that in an already over-stretched department most companies have time to audit between 2% and 10%*. But T&E claims are a huge line item on any organisation’s budget – and it can be costly to get it wrong.

By automating your T&E processes, you can transform the department. You’ll free up staff for more value-adding work and reduce duplicates, overpayments and fraudulent claims.

But radically transforming your processes can be a daunting task, so sharedserviceslink is going to help you out!

We’ve put together some key infographics and case studies to show you the benefits of implementing technology to help transform your T&E department:

  • Discover who the most likely culprit is for committing expenses fraud by downloading this infographic. (The results may surprise you!)
  • Find out the keys to success when using T&E software for VAT recovery in this lively infographic
  • Find out how to Audit 100% of T&E Claims BEFORE Payment
  • Register for our Webinar on 22nd April and find out how Electrolux are transforming their T&E process by using AI-powered software and are now auditing 100% of claims
  • And learn how to create an effective and foolproof RFP for your T&E Management Solution by downloading this template
*AppZen Study, 2020

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