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Value of Global e-Invoicing Market Quadruples by 2025

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Viveka Alvestrand
Digital Marketing Manager

The benefits of paperless invoicing are well documented – no pun intended - and take-up is accelerating.

The global market is estimated to number 55 billion invoices annually and is expected to quadruple by 2025, according to a new report from sector specialist Billentis.

Yet only one in ten invoices sent in 2019 will be paperless. That proportion is set to change.

Initially driven by the private sector looking for savings and efficiencies, the e-invoicing market is now increasingly being influenced by the actions of governments.

Directives from the European Union (EU) mean that by the end of the year over 100,000 public agencies will have to adhere to a new set of automated procurement standards, including e-invoicing. Forests of invoices are about to go digital.

With growth comes opportunity. The Billentis report suggests that the size of the global e-billing market will rise four-fold, from EUR 4.3bn to EUR 18bn in 2025.

How can you capitalize on this growth and ensure success in your next paperless project? 

What are the opportunities for technology suppliers? Find out by downloading the e-Invoicing Journey 2019-2025 report.

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