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What’s the Best eProcurement Platform on the Market Today?

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Viveka Alvestrand
Digital Marketing Manager

Are you looking for an eProcurement platform? 

If so, you’ll know they have the potential to make the buying process smoother, quicker and easier for everyone involved. 

Chief Procurement Officers have direct visibility of who’s buying what from whom, and employees and suppliers get the products and services they need.

But adoption by staff and suppliers can be a challenge, so you’ll need a user-friendly solution that suits your workforce.

Luckily for you, we have a treat in the shape of the Forrester eProcurement Platforms report to help narrow down your choices. It evaluates the top 12 leading platform providers on the market today.

Download it now to find out the three things a good eProcurement platform should do, and which solution is likely to be the best fit for your organization!

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