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Why examining T&E processes NOW is more important than ever

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Viveka Alvestrand
Digital Marketing Manager
Apr 15, 2020

As you look out the window from your current home-based work station, chances are business travel is not front of mind.

But perhaps it ought to be. How well (or badly) your organization deals with travel and expenses (T&E) costs from business-related activities can have a huge effect on your company’s bottom line.

‘This’ will be over one day. 

When it is, and staff return to the office and hit the road once more – are there existing processes you should be doing differently?

For companies with a mobile workforce, research suggests travel alone typically accounts for 5-10% of their budget. 

Budgets will no doubt be under fire like never before in the post-corona world. So now is an ideal time to scrutinize business travel outlay and how it’s dealt with in your firm. 

Here’s a sobering fact: $3bn is leaking out of US businesses every year in the shape of expense fraud, according to research from expenses management software provider Chrome River.

Many organizations aren’t even aware they are – intentionally or not – being defrauded by their employees. How can that be?

This fascinating report explains how easy it is - without knowing it – to fall prey. Crucially, it also outlines 10 easy steps you can take to prevent your organization from becoming a fraud victim. 

Read it and get ready to stop all those funds leaking out, starting now! 

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