Why Post-COVID-19 T&E Processes Really MUST Be Digital

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Sally Hardcastle
Apr 30, 2020

What will business travel look like in your organization by the time we get back to normal (or the new, post-Coronavirus version of it)?

Do you think it’s possible that virtual meetings will make in-person appointments and trips for work obsolete?

It’s probably best to put the crystal balls aside at this stage. We can be sure that, whichever forms business travel ends up taking, employers will need to have clear processes in place for their staff to claim back any on-duty outlay. 

What does this process currently look like in your organization? 

Is it a slick, digital process which is easy to use for claimants and finance team staff alike? If so, you’ve probably been able to move any outstanding reports through the system without any problems during lockdown. 

If, however, things are more cumbersome and paper-based in your organization, with numerous touchpoints, working from home will have made this process a whole lot more problematic.

Either way, this week’s excellent report has plenty of insights for us all on how to perfect processing T&E costs and how to make it better going forward.

It outlines some of the biggest challenges that organizations face when enforcing travel and expense policies, and how they can be resolved by deploying an expense automation solution with a robust rules engine. 

Download it here

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