Esker and oAppsNet Team Up to Strengthen P2P Integration for Oracle Customers

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Sally Hardcastle
Senior Researcher, sharedserviceslink
Jul 3, 2020

AI solution provider Esker has teamed up with oAppsNet, a company specialising in integrating business solutions based on Oracle applications, to strengthen the integration of their software. Together they will focus on providing Oracle customers who are looking to use Esker’s P2P technology solutions, with additional value and resources and enhance further the experience for their existing customers.

“After our discovery of Esker, we learned that they offered solutions no other vendor on the market had and it was clear they were the best of breed in procurement and accounts payable automation… We’re anxious to share with our customers because we know they’re going to love it. We can’t speak highly enough about it.” said Rick Pollina, Managing Partner, at oAppsNet.

“We’re thrilled to further improve the user experience for our current Oracle customers, and we’re looking forward to an enhanced implementation process for future customers.” Added Steve Smith, US Chief Operating Officer at Esker.

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