Esker's ESG Leadership Recognized by EcoVadis and Gaïa Research

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Sarah Fane
Feb 23, 2023

Esker, a global cloud platform in AI-driven process automation solutions for Finance and Customer Service functions, today announced that EcoVadis and Gaïa Research have both once again presented the company with remarkable ratings for its environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

Esker's press release says "Pursuing a positive ESG performance is a key element of all of Esker's activities. Driven by the belief that technology creates positive-sum growth, the company’s focus is on offering automation solutions that can give more meaning to the workplace by reducing repetitive tasks and improving customer and supplier relationships, especially for Finance and Customer Service functions."

Jean-Michel Bérard, CEO at Esker says “Esker builds innovative solutions by placing a focus on making a positive impact not just for the people who use our technology but on the entire business ecosystem our customers operate in. Protecting the environment, responsibly managing vendor and customer relationships, and promoting education, diversity and inclusion have always been contributing factors in Esker’s operations.”

The success of this approach is reflected in the good results Esker received from multiple ESG rating organizations:

EcoVadis, a leading business sustainability rating platform, awarded Esker a score of 74/100 for its ESG performance. This constitutes an increase of 26 points since 2017 and places Esker in the top 5% of evaluated companies across all industries.

Gaïa Research, the ESG-ratings arm of sustainable finance and development advisory company EthiFinance, has awarded Esker a score of 68/100 in the evaluation of the company’s non-financial data. Esker has steadily increased this ranking since 2019, placing Esker well above the industry average of 54/100.

Esker also received the following rankings in 2022:

  • Vigeo Eiris: Score of 53/100 (up 20 points from 2021)
  • MSCI ESG Ratings1: “A” rating (on a scale from AAA to CCC)
  • Sustainalytics: Score of 20.1 (medium risk level)

Esker is strongly committed to reducing its environmental footprint and has implemented a proactive approach to analyzing its greenhouse gas emissions. In order to do so, the company has established processes for determining its carbon footprint for all its locations worldwide. All French locations renewed their ISO 140012 certifications in 2022. The impact of digital technology and the energy efficiency of data centers hosting Esker’s cloud platform is continuously monitored to assist in reducing its carbon footprint.

This approach also applies to Esker’s supply chain management. The company has established a sustainable procurement policy based on fair treatment and transparent selection of suppliers. Social and environmental criteria are also taken into consideration for vendor selection. All of Esker’s vendors are asked to fill out a survey focused on ESG criteria to further encourage the adoption of ESG best practices.

Esker employees are also encouraged to participate in community events with a social or environmental purpose. To do so, they receive paid time off (France and U.S.) to volunteer at a non-profit organization of their choice.

Esker places a high value on pursuing and maintaining ethical and transparent governance. Promoting a diverse and inclusive corporate culture includes, among other things, working groups organized by employees on a volunteer basis and the development and execution of strategies aimed at increasing the number of women in the IT profession.

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