HighRadius Launches GenAI-Powered FreedaGPT

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Sarah Fane
Mar 15, 2024

In a recent keynote address, HighRadius CEO Sashi Narahari, described how AI solutions will enable finance professionals to become data scientists - by using English as a programming language. 

Narahari said “Finance will be the fastest adopter of AI, and everyone in finance will become a data scientist... Until now, financial modeling required special coding skills. The LiveCube 2.0 platform enables finance professionals to use ‘English’ as the coding language to perform complex analysis and even create ML models.”

FreedaGPT is a Gen-AI assistant for Order-to-Cash, Treasury, and Accounting teams across the HighRadius Autonomous Finance platform. Modules include:

  • FreedaGPT Email Compose: Drafts tailored responses for incoming emails and attaches relevant documents like invoice copies, account statements, proof of delivery documents, etc. Ex: Collectors respond quickly to emails, freeing up their bandwidth.
  • FreedaGPT Call Assistant: Automates call-to-note summaries and suggests actions Ex: A Collector needs to make notes & follow-up after a call. FreedaGPT Call Assistant generates call note summary in real-time, creates a draft follow-up email, including the summary of the conversation and automatically logs a promise-to-pay or dispute or follow-up based on the conversation
  • FreedaGPT Support: Assists with support queries where self-service resolutions exist, thereby eliminating the need to create support cases. Where self-service resolutions don't exist yet, FreedaGPT will capture the right information in natural language from the user and automatically create the support case.
  • FreedaGPT Insights: Generates reports and summary charts instantly using natural language responses in a chat window. Ex: AR Manager who wants more information regarding anomalies can just query FreedaGPT “Show the top 5 anomalies with high risk where the currency is USD”, which then generates summary reports, insights, and graphs within seconds.

HighRadius also discussed at the event LiveCube 2.0, a no-code platform, which enables finance business users in automating high-volume transaction data analysis with an Excel-like front-end. It now features ‘LiveCube analysis with FreedaGPT’ - where English language prompts can be used by finance professionals to collate, compare and validate datasets and then initiate resolutions.

HighRadius also launched ‘Accounts Payable Automation’, the latest addition to its Office of the CFO software platform. This is the industry’s first GenAI Native product suite that will transform the way AP teams currently operate and drive improvement in supplier relationships.

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