Busting Payable Finance Myths - Key Trends & Issues in the Digital Age

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Editor Coda
Dec 5, 2018

Busting the Payable Finance Myths is designed to help Finance, Procurement, Treasury and Supply Chain professions evaluate the latest trends, issues, and perspectives impacting buyer-led early pay techniques. We know most companies are under tremendous pressure to manage their cash flow. Your spend portfolio, the things you buy from your suppliers, whether they be direct materials, commodities, manufactured items from contract manufactures, or marketing, transportation, and general and administrative expenses, can represent hundreds of millions if not billions of spend.  Many organizations now put cross-functional teams together to come up with ideas to improve working capital across both the supplier and customer ecosystems.

The 2018 Corporate Practitioners Guide provides an independent source for anyone determining how their company should proceed with both self-funded and third party buyer-led early pay solutions.  Whether you are simply assessing what is available on the market today or just trying to understand what this space is about, this guide will help keep you informed about developments in this important sector.

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