E-Invoicing Wisdom: How to Reduce Your Tail

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Sarah Fane
Mar 26, 2024

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The success of your e-invoicing program relies on how quickly your suppliers onboard. The more complex your supplier base, the slower your program will be.

 So Step One to helping your e-invoicing campaign is to streamline your suppliers.

 There are many practical ways to streamline an inflated vendor base.

 Sharedserviceslink and Candex partnered to produce a report that will help you reduce your supplier base.


Reading this report will help you:

  •  Reach key e-invoicing milestones quicker
  • Reduce the cost of managing your vendors
  • Improve accuracy and controls regarding supplier management (banking info and payments)
  • Have greater influence within the buyer/supplier relationship
  • Get to touchless P2P sooner


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