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Growing Companies: The Top 3 Issues Holding AP Back – and What to Do About It

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Sarah Fane
Jun 8, 2023
Title reads: Growing Companies: The Top 3 Issues Holding AP Back – and What to Do About It. Image of 4 people in business attire leaping over stacks of paper, obstacles and a desk in an athletic manner.
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When businesses expand, the leadership team will channel its focus on cashflow, and how cash is coming into the business. Accounts payable (AP) can sometimes be an afterthought, and only gets any focus when the finance team finds itself struggling with mushrooming costs, or suppliers are upset about

payment issues. AP may not be top-of-mind when a business is growing, but perhaps it should be.

Your finance processes are the engine room of your company, and investing in a robust AP process now will improve your scalability, prepare you for further growth, and reduce your cost base so you can invest harder in other areas. Investing in AP will also improve visibility, putting you in more control of your


This e-book examines the top challenges in accounts payable and the proactive changes you can start making today to future-proof your organisation.

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