Mastering E-Invoicing Implementation: Lessons from the Leaders - Infographic Report

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Sarah Fane
Apr 30, 2024

e-Invoicing is not only a more efficient and secure way of doing business, it is required and mandated in a growing number of countries. But implementing e-invoicing is not always smooth sailing.

sharedserviceslink and Avalara partnered to produce a research report that highlights the challenges faced by companies when implementing e-invoicing, as well as the benefits they have achieved.

We explore the common issues that companies fail to plan for and the significant benefits that can be achieved through e-invoicing implementation.

Download for insight on:

·       The top 7 challenges faced in e-invoicing implementations

·       Why 74% of organizations employed additional resources for e-invoicing implementation, and who they hired.

·       The limitations of ERP systems in managing e-invoicing.

·       The main benefits achieved with e-invoicing.

Download this report for valuable insights into the challenges, benefits, resource requirements, and best practices for implementing e-invoicing. Whether you are starting or enhancing your e-invoicing project, this report will help you make informed decisions and successfully navigate e-invoicing. 

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