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The Duty to Report Payment Practices

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Editor Coda
Sep 12, 2017

Starting April 2017, large UK companies and UK subsidiaries will have to start reporting on their payment practices. In this paper, we explore what the requirements are, what you need to prepare for, and the benefits of getting your payment practices in order, beyond just compliance.
As the first reports will be due in November 2017, it’s essential you are prepared for the regulations.
Download this white paper from ITESOFT for information on:

  • What must be reported and who must report
  • The consequences of non-compliance
  • What trends we are seeing as companies move to prepare for the Duty to Report
  • What you can do to prepare

Plus, we interview Philip King, CEO at Chartered Institute of Credit Management and Co-Chair of Prompt Payment Code Advisory Board, and include links to helpful resources and answers to frequently asked questions.
Download the report today


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