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PR & Branding Strategy Do Your Customers Know What You Know?

Both shared services and BPOs are working to become more like value adding partners, rather than just third parties. Having a clear message of what your organization does is important. This is something that shared services organizations can easily benefi


PR & Branding Customer Satisfaction How to Raise The Profile of Your Shared Services

If you don’t give your project a name and identity, it is much more likely to fail. In order for people to buy into your organization, you need to have an identity and a brand.


HR PR & Branding Personalities Get the Votes in Shared Services Too

I happened to be in America this week when the elections were taking place. It made me think about personalities and how important they are to 'movements'.


Automation PR & Branding How Collaboration Can Benefit Shared Services

The recent report “Collaborate to Win” produced by CFO Research in collaboration with Ariba is about how smart companies are creating collaboration strategies to improving productivity and profits. Social technology isn’t just for the Silicon Valley


Strategy PR & Branding 7 Steps to Recruiting The Best Brand And Marketing Managers Into Your Shared Services

Susie West maps out why brand and marketing professionals are key to shared services success, and how to get the good ones from front office.