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Jul 26, 2022

sharedserviceslink P2P What are the Shortcomings in P2P Automation?

If AP and P2P automation were easy, everyone would have done it all, and advisors like us would be irrelevant.


P2P P2P Webinar 2021 P2P Tech Forecast: The Hackett Group Assessment

2020 threw us all a curved ball. Who better to determine how events will impact our P2P future than The Hackett Group.


AP Accounts Payable Supplier Metrics All AP Professionals Should Know

At the end of last year, Taulia launched their annual Supplier Survey, and the results are in.  Nearly 19,500 responded from businesses of all sizes and industries across the globe – download this report to find out what they said.


P2P P2P Automation 9 Tips for P2P Technology Implementation from The Hackett Group

Download this guide from The Hackett Group and discover the top 9 risks and common mistakes companies often encounter when implementing new technology and best practice mitigation methods for each challenge.


Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Financing/Dynamic Discounting The Impact of Covid-19 on Supplier Behavior

How your suppliers are weathering the current economic climate should not be ignored. See the results of the Covid-19 Supplier Behavior Survey to find out how businesses are adjusting and adapting to the various issues brought on by Covid-19.