5 Smart Questions to Ask When Building World-Class P2P Automation


In partnership with Direct Commerce, we recently ran a survey that had some pretty shocking findings about the state of Procure-to-Pay automation. Across the industry, e-Invoicing rates are low, supplier adoption remains a challenge, and many people want to improve rates of supplier self-service. 

However, P2P automation offers enterprises the chance to take on their most complex processes, making them easier for your team while delivering results that drive your business forward. So what does it take to build world-class automation at your enterprise? In this webinar you'll hear from experts who will discuss the key questions you should ask when making P2P automation a priority for your enterprise. 

We we dive deep into:

·       The top 5 questions you need to ask and answer to build world-class P2P automation

·       How to prepare your team and set high-impact KPIs for your automation project

·       Tried-and-tested methods of improving supplier adoption of e-invoicing and overcoming the common objections

If your current solution isn’t serving you perfectly, download the presentation or listen to the recording as we discuss how to overcome the common pain points and move from the status-quo to world-class.

Download the presentation:

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